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What is an immaculate inning?

What is an immaculate inning?

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Immaculate innings are rare. The Astros threw two in the same game.

According to, Houston starter Luis Garcia and reliever Phil Maton combine to make MLB history by each getting three outs on nine straight strikes — against the same three Rangers batters, no less.

Astros’ Luis Garcia, Phil Maton Each Toss Immaculate Inning … Against the Same Batters!

According to, The Houston Astros became the first team in MLB history to throw two immaculate innings in one game, with Luis Garcia and Phil Maton doing so against the same three batters.

From source: strikeouts in an inning, however, is a rare occurrence. An immaculate inning is the rare feat of retiring all three batters faced in an inning on strikeouts…

From source: base. In the context of pitching, the number 1 is a common sign (and nickname) for the fastball. An inning in which a pitcher faces only three batters and…


According to the source from, What is an immaculate inning? Just about everything is going right for the Houston Astros at this point in the season. Holding a nine-game lead in the AL West thanks in part to an early-season…

Sharing a hint from, An immaculate inning occurs when a pitcher three straight strikeouts with nine pitches. Striking out the batters can be a combination of throwing strikes and or swinging strikes by the hitter. Finally, an immaculate inning can take place in any inning for either a starting pitcher or reliever. How Many Immaculate Innings Have There Been?

If you read from, The immaculate inning definition states that it is a phenomenon, feat, or achievement done by a pitcher. It happens when the pitcher manages to give strikeouts to all three batters within one inning, using at most nine consecutive pitches. The immaculate inning can transpire from either two strikes made by the hitter: a throw or a swing.

It is inferred from, An Immaculate Inning is when a pitcher, at any level, throws 9 straight strikes to 3 consecutive batters, resulting in 3 strike outs. This also qualifies the pitcher for having struck out the side. The cool thing about this unique baseball term is that it can happen at any moment, yet it is stunningly rare.

A post published in, IMMACULATE INNINGS Pitchers With EXACTLY 9 Pitches — ALL 9 ARE STRIKES — in an Inning | Baseball Almanac After a really great game, it might be said of a pitcher that he was throwing “nothing but strikes.” Every once in awhile, at least for one inning, this is completely correct.

It is learnt from a blog, An immaculate inning is when the pitcher gets three strikeouts in a row on nine straight strikes. It’s the most dominating a pitcher can be in an inning. Sale’s third inning where he fanned …

It is understood from sites like, An immaculate inning consists of a pitcher striking out three batters on three pitches each, or throwing nine strikes in a row. As reported by MLB News, Sale’s immaculate inning was the game’s third inning against the Minnesota Twins; he struck out Nick Gordon, Andrelton Simmons, and Rob Refsnyder in a row.Sale’s first two immaculate innings took place less than a month apart in 2019; the …


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