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What time does starbucks open?

What time does starbucks open?

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Starbucks workers claim their store is closing due to union activism

According to, “Starbucks is continuing a divide-and conquer-strategy. But, you know, even though we’re grieving, we’re all ready to fight.”

The First Starbucks Location That Voted to Unionize Is Being Shut Down

According to, With thousands of locations nationwide, a single Starbucks closing typically isn’t national news. But at a time when the coffee chain is dealing with a major unionization push from employees — and being accused of potentially illegal anti-union behavior in the process — the announcement that Starbucks is shuttering a unionized store in Ithaca,

From source: Out of Starbucks‘ U.S.-based stores, over 8,900 are company-operated, while the remainder are licensed. In 2021–2022, votes to join Starbucks unions were…

From source: renaming it Dumb Starbucks, a parody of the American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. While producing the episode, the actual Dumb Starbucks location provoked…

From source: assess coffee quality. Regarding Starbucks‘ frequent reports of loss in the UK, the CFO told the committee that Starbucks are "not at all pleased" about…


According to the source from, Starbucks’ branches generally open between 5am and 7am Monday to Friday, and close between 6pm and 8pm. Some stores keep the same opening hours over the weekend, while others open a bit later and shut a bit earlier. To avoid disappointment, it’s worth to check with your nearest one in advance.

Sharing a hint from, Generally, Starbucks opens at 5 am on weekdays to capture the early morning commuter rush. However, some areas may open later, at 6 or 7 am. On weekends, Starbucks stores generally open later.

It is inferred from, What are Starbucks’ Opening Hours? Starbucks’ branches generally open between 5 am, and 7 am Monday to Friday and close between 6 pm and 8 pm. Some stores keep the same inaugural hours over the weekend, while others open later and shut earlier. To avoid disappointment, it’s worth checking with your adjacent one in loan.

A post published in, Starbucks breakfast hours of operation vary depending on the location. However, most Starbucks stores across the country are open from 6 am or even earlier at 5 am and start serving breakfast from then. The breakfast is served as long as the store is open which is until 8:30 pm or even 10 pm at some locations, just like Whole Food breakfast hours.

It is learnt from a blog, If you live in a large city, your closest Starbucks will probably open at around 5 am to make room for the working crowd. Some stores open later into the morning, for example, 7 am. If it’s more of a relaxed place, the Starbucks might open at around 9 am. This time can also be during weekends or holidays.

It is understood from sites like, Starbucks opens at 7:00 am on Sunday as per Starbucks Sunday hours. What time does Starbucks open on Saturday. Starbucks opens at 6:00 am on Saturday as per Starbucks Saturday hours. What time does Starbucks close on Saturdays. Starbucks closes at 11:00 pm on Saturday as per Starbucks working hours.

Source:, 09:00 pm. Saturday. 06:00 am. 10:00 pm. Sunday. 06:00 am. 10:00 pm. Take note that in some regions, Starbucks starts at 6 am. This is also the case for locations that are situated near malls or airports.


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