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What time does mcdonalds close?

What time does mcdonalds close?

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McDonald’s Worker Reveals Why Customers Should Order 20 Nuggets Every Time

According to, The employee regularly shares behind-the-scenes videos from the kitchen of a McDonald’s store and this time advised customers on their chicken order.

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According to, McDonald’s operates from early in the morning and is open until late into the evening. There will be some slight variations on their Open and Close Times mentioned below based on the location. Find out what time McDonald’s Open and What time is it that McDonald’s Closes during Weekdays. The rest of the restaurants mostly close at 11:00 pm …

According to, When does Mcdonald’s close? In the United States, approximately a quarter of McDonald’s restaurants remain open 24 hours. They stay open seven days a week and 24 hours a day, they only close for two days in the year first is Christmas Day and the second is Easter Sunday.

According to, McDonald’s typically stops serving the complete lunch and dinner menu at 5:00 a.m. when they switch to breakfast. You can get McFlurries, shakes, and café items at any time (assuming the ice cream machine isn’t broken, but that’s a topic for another discussion). Tips For Getting The Freshest McDonald’s Breakfast

According to, 850 S Main St. Cheshire, CT 06410 miles away. Get Directions 2032729002. We’re closed now •Open at 05:00 AM. Set as my preferred location. Order Delivery.

According to, Link your credit or debit card to the McDonalds app and earn 1500 bonus points the first time you pay with your linked card in the app. No more wallet shuffling—just faves fast.* *Valid 1x thru 12/31/22 at participating McDonald’s. This offer is intended only for use by the recipient of the offer and this MyMcDonald’s Rewards account.

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