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What to do if a scammer has your phone number?

What to do if a scammer has your phone number?

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1.Here’s What Hackers Can Do with Just Your Cell Phone Number

According to, Scammers can use your phone number to impersonate, steal from, and harass you and others. Here’s what to do if your info is compromised. The post Here’s What Hackers Can Do with Just Your Cell Phone Number appeared first on Reader’s Digest.

2.15 Best Free Scammer Phone Number Lookup Service

According to, You get to know the information instantly and do not have to wait for the results … It is also free and has no hidden cost involved in your pursuit of finding all information behind the scam phone number. You can not only identify the details of the …

are taken to web pages containing the scammer‘s phone numbers. Once a victim has contacted a scammer, the scammer will usually instruct them to download…

Retrieved September 4, 2018. Bolton, Doug (May 24, 2016). “WhatsApp Gold: Scammers trick mobile phone users into downloading malware”. The Independent. Archived…

Telephone numbers used by scammers tend to come from burner phones. In Ivory Coast, a scammer may purchase an inexpensive mobile phone and a pre-paid SIM card…


According to, However, if you suddenly find that scammers are using your phone number to commit fraud or scam others, you should take these immediate steps: Contact your wireless service provider and report the abuse. Ask them to put a secondary password on your account so no one can take it over without the password.

According to, If the worst happens and a scammer gains access to your phone number, you still have options: Contact your service provider immediately and explain the situation. If need be, ask them to put a…

According to, The scammers then simply call each of those numbers until – bingo! – you pick up the phone and say, “Yep, that’s me!” For the scammer, it’s a little like fishing: just a matter of patience and perseverance. Eventually, someone will bite, and, even if only one in a hundred falls for it, it becomes a profitable venture.

According to, Originally Answered: By mistake, I gave my phone number to a scammer. What should I do? If he’s calling you try to block him. That should be enough. If for some reason it’s not enough you may want to change your phone number. If you get calls that there is no name with the number, don’t answer it. Let it ring over to voice mail.

According to, Sprint: Provide a PIN online on the My Sprint website. Along with your account number, this PIN will be used to confirm your identity when porting your phone number. It’s separate from the standard online user account password. T-Mobile: Call T-Mobile customer service and ask to add “ Port Validation ” to your account.

According to, Create a new voice message. If you’re getting a large number of calls from angry victims of phone scams, change your message bank voice message to explain that your phone number has been spoofed and that you’re sorry and that anyone who has received a scammy call from you should block your number. Give it time: wait two weeks or so.

According to, If you just gave your name and address … Probably mostly that just sets you up to get lots more scam letters and phone calls. Of itself, that doesn’t give a scammer access to your money or anything. They can get name, address, and phone of thousands of people from the phone book and other public sources. But scammers can be resourceful.

According to, Answer (1 of 3): Yes. Many of them. But as a person who has had friends fully doxxed before due to a simple phone number being exposed is a sick thing to do. If you want to mess with this person do it other ways. You obviously have their phone number. Catfish them. Troll them. Do what ever you …

According to, One more tip: Give friends, family members and banks your regular number, but for everything else, use a “disposable” second number, which you can get from the likes of Google Voice and Textfree….

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